Messi will not be wearing azure blue jersey after the World Cup?

Messi will not be wearing the favorite “azure blue jersey”?

Messi is the lifeblood of Argentina team. Messi has been named FIFA Footballer of the Year for the most part so far. Although Messi is considered the best player of all time for his footballing style and witchcraft, it is possible to make many arguments about him.

Last Saturday, Messi’s Argentina played the last match before the Qatar World Cup on Argentine soil against Venezuela. Now the question is whether this was Lionel Messi’s last match on Argentine soil in an Argentine jersey or will Messi end his international football career right after the Qatar World Cup?

Messi will not be wearing azure blue jersey after the World Cup?
Messi after winning the Copa America

The moon also had some sadness. Yes, Lionel Messi, the all-rounder in club football, also regretted winning an international trophy in an Argentine jersey. However, he overcame his regret by becoming the Copa America champion in 2021.

In the 2021 Copa America final, Argentina won an international trophy at home after losing to Brazil on Brazilian soil. At the same time, Lionel Messi regrets winning an international trophy.

Earlier, in 2015 and 2016, two consecutive Copa America finals were lost but the hot favorite team of the service events, Argentina.

Lionel Messi even announced his retirement after failing to score in a penalty shootout in the 2016 Copa America final and the pain of not getting too close to the trophy.

[Messi will not be wearing azure blue jersey after the World Cup? ]

In the end, Lionel Messi, the best footballer of all time, tasted the first ever international trophy win at the 2021 Copa America. Lionel Messi also won the 2021 Copa America Tournament of the Year award.

However, the World Cup is the World Cup. No other trophy is comparable to the World Cup. However, once Messi wins the World Cup, his critics may be forced to call him the best of all time.

Only time will tell whether Messi will win the World Cup trophy or not. But, after the World Cup in Qatar, will Messi no longer wear the Argentina jersey? ” This is everyone’s question now.

Meanwhile, Marca told Spanish sports media that “Qatar’s star footballer Lionel Messi could end up playing for Argentina in the Qatar World Cup. After the World Cup, he will decide whether to continue playing for the country!”

According to Marca, Lionel Messi is hesitant to continue playing for the national team after the World Cup in Qatar.

Argentine superstar Lionel Messi is currently spending his best time in the national team and has played 16 matches in the World Cup qualifiers from Latin America but has not lost a single one. He is leading the country from the front. Earlier, in July last year, Argentina defeated arch-rivals Brazil to win the 22-year title. Won the famous Copa America trophy of Latin America World Cup.

Messi will not be wearing azure blue jersey after the World Cup?
Messi against Venezuela

Last Saturday, Argentina captain Lionel Messi scored the last goal in the 3-0 win over Venezuela. One of the best footballers in the world has shown great performance throughout the match. Even after winning the match, there was extra excitement in the middle of it, all the members of the team thanked the spectators separately.

Before the match, coach Lionel Scaloni made it clear that “this is Lionel Messi’s last match for Argentina on Argentine soil. Scaloni hinted that Messi could leave the national team after the World Cup.

However, Messi himself said differently. He has not yet decided whether to retire or play his last match on Argentine soil. Before thinking about this, Messi wants to think about what is in front of him. However, he hinted that a lot would change after the World Cup in Qatar.

Is the end of Messi ahead?
Childhood Messi

However, in a post-match press conference, Messi said: “I don’t know (really) whether this is the last match on home soil. I’ll think about it again later. It can be bad, it can be good. I hope it will be the best. But yes! A lot will change after the World Cup. ”

“After the World Cup, I have to rethink a lot of things. My decision depends on my good or bad performance in the World Cup. I hope to have a good event,” he said.

Meanwhile, Messi is having a bad time in club football. He has to hear the duo from the spectators of his club in the PSG field. However, he proved in yesterday’s match that Lionel Messi is not finished yet.

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