Bangladesh’s Farida popular in Germany’s football

Farida Kajal, A player is a goodwill ambassador of a country as sometimes even anyone may not know much about a country, but the whole world can know about it because of a good player, such as Maradona in football.

There are many people in the world who know a lot about Maradona even though they don’t know much about his country Argentina and the name of Argentine President. In that case, Maradona has served as Argentina’s ambassador to the world.

Bangladesh's Farida popular in Germany's football


   We also have a Farida Kajal, who won the hearts of the people in Germany as a football referee. Once, she used to play cricket. Later, Farida Kajal chose football as she could not make a place for herself in the national team.


Although the condition of football in Bangladesh was not very good, Farida chose this game. She however spread more light as a football referee than she did as a footballer.

As a football referee, Farida has spread the light in Germany and made Bangladesh’s image brighter. She served as a referee in men’s match with 22 male footballers of the two teams on the field. There were two male assistant referees, but only one woman on the field holding the chief referee’ss whistle. Such a scene often can be seen in Europe. Farida Kajal, a Bangladeshi girl, is giving whistle as the chief referee.

Bangladesh's Farida popular in Germany's football


  Farida is a familiar face to the referees in the Football League in Germany. Once, Farida has conducted games efficiently in Dhaka’s Pioneer Football, Bangabandhu and Bangamata School Football, Club Football, District Divisional tournaments.

Farida, a girl hailed from Shariatpur, never imagined that the experience she gained would be so useful. Going to Leipzig, Germany, she has changed the wheel of fortune. In addition to managing various matches in the local football league in Leipzig, she has also conducted many matches in Berlin. More than a decade ago, Farida used to play cricket in Dhaka in 2007. He played for Abahani for three years. Although she was selected in the national girls team, she did not get a chance in the final team.

Bangladesh's Farida popular in Germany's football


  Frustrated Farida was admitted to football refereeing course side by side with playing cricket. She has successfully passed in the refereeing examination of Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) and had been conducting football tournaments as a referee in the country till 2014. Once, she also did volleyball refereeing course. Farida also did her graduation course in social work from Dhaka University. In addition to her academic studies, she also passed BPED from the College of Physical Education in 2011.

It was difficult to make a decent living being a referee. So she worked as a sports teacher at Bangladesh International School and Australian International School in Dhaka for a few years. In 2014, she got the opportunity to study in sports education at Leipzig University, in Germany. He was admitted to Leipzig University in 2015 with a scholarship from the government of Germany.

Bangladesh's Farida popular in Germany's football


  Farida’s mind was on the football field when she was studying at the university. She was searching opportunity for a referee job intensely. She applied at the fifth level of the FC Garmi of Germany showing her keen interest in referring. Later, she was given a chance to conduct the local league tournament with the help of AFC Garmi Club. “It was my first match on January 31, 2018,” said Farida, referring to her excellent experience of conducting match on the first day of the season.

The first day’s match was a match of boys. “I was a little bit scared. But there was no problem till the end. Everyone was appreciating me”.

Farida said that she was scared at the beginning as her hair was black but she had never been bothered being a girl. ” I thought they would not respect me. But they were cooperating very well in every match,” she added.

Bangladesh's Farida popular in Germany's football


  Farida has already won medals for her good performance in the local league.

” I showed a red card to a goalkeeper once in a match. The boy came out of D-box and was catching the ball. He later apologized to me for misunderstanding,” she said.

Farida watches the Bundesliga match in the stadium whenever the opportunity comes. She enjoyed the match between Byrne Munich and local Arabic Leipzig, FC Schalke sitting at Leipzig stadium. Due to Corona, all types of football matches are currently closed in Leipzig. Farida is eagerly waiting to return on the field again after the end the hard time.

Source: DHAKA, Sept 19, 2021 (BSS)

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